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I am fortunate to have covered the Miami real estate market through an entire cycle of boom and bust.  Miami is one of the  “Four Corners” of the United States when it comes to real estate so there is a national  interest in the skyrocketing foreclosure rates and failed condominium projects across South Florida.

Often, the impact of these crises on the lives of the people who live and work here reaches beyond our city. It also affects families and businesses in the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe and the Middle East – where many South Floridians were born and still send money and news.

We can’t leave out all the retirees, especially the snowbirds, who are weathering the economic downturn on fixed-incomes while trying to hold on to their depreciating Florida homes.

Everyone has a stake in our economic recovery and many have suffered huge losses in broken condo agreements or properties now worth a lot less than the mortgage on them. As a real estate reporter with the Daily Business Review in Miami, Fl., I report these stories much too frequently.

My job is to write history. I report daily events that capture the mood of the Miami real estate market which contribute to a larger view of the nation’s worst recession in more than half a century.

I initially joined the Review in April 2004 and later rejoined the paper in October 2007, after an 18-month stint at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

I will always be grateful to Daily Business Review editor Eddie Dominguez for recruiting me back to the Review as the housing-bubble was beginning to burst – an opportune time to jump back into the real estate beat!

I have been covering real estate for nearly a decade and worked for publications including the South Florida Business Journal and Miami Today.

I graduated from Florida International University in 2000 with a degree in print journalism and mass communications. While in school,  I interned at the Miami Herald for nearly two years in the “Neighbors” section with editor John O’Neill and enjoyed a three-month internship at the Courier Journal in Louisville, Kentucky. (I loved Churchill Downs!).

I love photography and often include some of my photos and videos in my multimedia stories.  This reflects the change taking place in contemporary journalism, which, despite its own downturn, still contains opportunities for creativity and growth.

Before becoming a journalist, I lived many lives.  I co-owned a property management company in Coral Gables; earned a real estate license and became an agent in Miami; and paid for my education by working in Miami hotels and restaurants.

I am very grateful to my husband Lou who is very supportive of my career and constantly helping me reach new heights.

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